Oren Novotny

Principal Architect (BlueMetal)
New York, United States
Oren is a Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects. He is passionate about reducing friction in the development process and enabling other developers to create portable cross-platform applications using .NET. Named a Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development in 2014, Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies in 2016, Xamarin MVP in 2016, and member of the .NET Foundation Advisory Council in 2017, he has been writing code on the Microsoft platform since the days a 2400 baud modem was considered cutting-edge. His prior experience ranges from building identity solutions for global organizations, developing real-time trading systems dealing with massive amounts of data to the complex data models of equity derivatives and the regulatory needs of Medicaid claims processing. He believes that technology is meaningless in a vacuum and strives to show how the bleeding-edge delivers superior value to the clients’ bottom line.

Multi-targeting the World: A Single Project to Rule Them All

Into to creating single and multi-targeted .NET Standard class libraries using the new "SDK-style" project system. We'll recap what .NET Standard, what problems it solves, and how to get started. Next, we’ll dive into some of the new capabilities of the “SDK-style” project type, show how to consolidate projects that need to target multiple platforms into a single project and easily create a NuGet package for the library. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how to convert an older class library into a .NET Standard library.
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Cross platform device testing with xUnit

Discover how to run test your Xamarin mobile apps and class libraries with xUnit for Devices
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